Finally done!

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...I decided to make a painting for my boy Jonah.  It started with a couple of characters and a Death Star but suddenly it turned into an ode to Star Wars. This painting is oil on canvas, 5 x 4 feet and took way too long to finish.  Thank you to my wife Andrea for all your support and giving me time to finish this up.  Time to hang this on the wall and move on to new works of art.  May the force be with you all.


New easel is home.

Thank you to Gerald Reimer for all his help building this beautiful new easel.  It’s made out of cherry wood and treated with some crazy new German wax stuff!!! Gerald did a splendid job on this thing and I can’t thank him enough.   Also, a shout out to my good friend Mac’s mom whom I met in the store recently and she visits the website every now and then which I thought was super cool!  Cheers!  


Tribute to Gordon Downie is off to auction!


I knew this sketch belonged somewhere but not in my home.   It’s going to a new home.  Not sure who’s home yet but it will be auctioned off at Cancer Care Manitoba’s annual gold plated event.  Here’s hoping it raises some good coin for a good cause.   

 ****update**** I’m happy to announce that the sketch was sold at the Manitoba Cancer Care Gold Plate event for $700.00 !!!! I’m honoured my artwork could raise money for such a great cause.  

New Portrait

Ok, so this one was for fun.  I love grey paper sketches and the challenge of capturing the likeness of someone.  This was a colleague/friend I drew.  There is a little part of me that loves and hates how subtle lines/shapes/forms can totally change how the person looks.  Main thing is, she liked it.  That’s going in the win column.  


Painting for my entrepreneurial bro-in-law

So this little painting I cranked out before Christmas as a little honour to my brother in law.  Every year we have him down for our “Hipster Christmas” .  I try to do something that honours him and his personal journey.  This year I decided to paint a tootsie roll. Weird, I know, but back when he was a kid he used to cut them up, repackage them and sell them in his school to make a little extra coin.  I’ve always admired his ingenuity and work ethic.  I really hope he enjoys this ode to thinking outside the box.  Cheers Brendon.  


"Merchants of hope"

So I finally got to deliver a painting to someone who has played an important part in my life. This painting was meant to be a reminder of his vision of being "merchants of hope." To teach the unteachable, reach the unreachable, and create miracle moments by being merchants of hope for the hopeless. Thank you for believing in me. 


Photo of "Merchants of Hope" taken by Cadence Hays. Please check out her work on Instagram @thewhiitehouse .  

Photo of "Merchants of Hope" taken by Cadence Hays. Please check out her work on Instagram @thewhiitehouse .